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Another masterpost, I’m afraid - this time of my Supernatural fics! Feel free to scroll past or ignore, or browse through, if you’re so inclined. I’ve starred some of my favorites. (:

A Brief Glimpse
A Dream of Flight
A Hand
A Hunter’s Funeral
All the Neighbors Might Think
A Lot Like Falling
A Mighty Dark Night
Ancillary Stroke
And Anywhere I Lay My Head I’ll Call it Home
And I Will Walk on Water
And Yet, By Heaven
An Exercise in ‘Worthless’
Babysitter ‘Verse
Bearing Like Being
Being Human is Hard
Best Friends ‘Verse: Me & Cas, Sandcastles & Seashells, Midnight TV (tbc)
Between Two Lungs
Book Porn
But Honestly
By Fortune or Design
Catching a Clue (or Five Times Dean and Cas Are Mistaken For a Couple)
Chasing the Sky
Convenient Husbands

Conversations with Sam Winchester (companion Conversations without Dean Winchester)
Cosmic Love
Could’ve Used Post-It Notes
Crossroads State ★
Customer Service
Dialect of the Everlasting
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
Don’t Ever Look Back
Don’t Let Go For the World ★
Don’t Walk On By
Dry Clean Only
Earth is a Tourist Trap
Entertaining Angels 
Everyone Knows What Happens at the Library
Exceptional Circumstances
Failure (to Cuddle) is Not an Option
Faith and Deeds
Family Business
First {short schmoopy ficlet}
Five Times Castiel Gave Up, and One Time He Didn’t
Five Times Dean Failed, and One Time He Didn’t Do Too Badly
Five Times Dean Winchester Burned Alone and One Time He Didn’t ★
{Fluffy AU Oneshot}
For Love is Strong as Death
Freckles & Tie Dude
From Our Invincible Heights
Ghost Dance
Good Things Do Happen
Handle With Care
Handle With Care {ficlet}
Have Love, Will Travel
Heart Trouble
He Could Build a City
Helplessness Blues
House of the Rising Sun
How a Righteous Man Raises a Rose
How Castiel Got His Wings Back (and What He Did With Them Thereafter)
How the Day Sounds
If Home Had A Smell
I Like You (You Like Me)
Inevitable Homoeroticism in Spanish Romantic Heroes
In Real Life
In Sickness and in Health ★
In This Secluded Spot I Respond As I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere
I Think I Know Where You Belong (companion shorts here; note, there are other companion fics and sequels not included on this list)
It Never Gets Better Anyway
It’s Always More Than Once (Before it Takes)
It’s Always the End of the World Somewhere
It’s Not Easy Being Dean
It’s Only Love We’re Falling In
It’s Only Monday, Mr. Mom
I Wanna Hold You High and Steal Your Pain
I Want You All to Myself
J. Alfred Prufrock Grows a Pair
Jump the Track
Just As You Are
Kissing It Bitter (sequels Third Time’s the Charm and Hero Worship)
Lay Your Weary Head to Rest
Leaves of Grass (also I really like reading the first part, Containing Multitudes, as a one shot) ★
Letting In the Light
Life’s Coming Attractions
Love in Every Stitch
Lovingly Crafted and Tenderly Packaged
Memento Mei
Middle Ground
Mr. Know-It-All
Named ★
Needle and Thread
No Man’s Land
Not Usually A Good Thing
Of Terminals, Trials, and Valentines
One Species Too Many
Our Small World ★
Our Timid Sky
Past Tense
Peanut Butter Pumpkin Wedding Cake
Play it All Night Long ★
Point Pleasant
Punch Drunk Love (sequels Knock Me Out and Wanna Mess Around)
Purgatory (series as yet unfinished but can be read as is) 
Put on Your Dancing Shoes
Red Bull
Remapping the Human Soul

Return (prequels Meet and Ask)
Schubert and Schumann and Lapsang Souchong (companion: Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It)
Sam is a Genius (Everyone is Dumb)
Second Childhood
Show Me How to Love (And I’ll Show You How to Live)
Sleep Lessons
Slow Moving Cars
Smoke and Mirrors
So Here’s the Bright End of Nowhere
Start Quoting Shakespeare and We’re Done
{Steampunk AU Ficlet}
Sugar Me Sweet
Suspend (full title suspend, verb (used with object)) ★
The Babysitter’s Here
The Chain of Balam
The Consequences of Falling
The Day the World Went Away
The Distance of the Setting Sun
The Ghost of Embers ★
The Hardest Part
The Inexhaustible Silence of Houses
The Joy is in the Process
The Law of Conservation of Energy
The List
The One Where They’re Squirrels (We Regret Nothing)
The Precision of the Fall ★
The Rare Gift
The Request
There’s Only One Sure Thing That I Know
The Rush is Worth the Price I Pay
The Violin House
These Are Not Real Problems
These Cloistered Rooms
Things Dean Winchester Loves
Thirty-Six Views of Dean and Castiel
Three Hundred Things
Thursday’s Child ★
Time On My Hands
To Sink ★
Trapped in the Amber of This Moment
Twelve Steps
Twist and Shout ★
Unconditionally Horny and Eternally Sad
Waking Up (companions Staying Awake and Falling Asleep)
We Found Love in the Home of a Sinner ★
What I’ve Overcome
White Lightning
Wrong in All the Right Ways


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